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The Details

The patented System, “Systems and Methods for Improved Operations of Ski Lifts” U.S. Patent Nos. 10,628,679 & 10,946,882 (other patents pending), works with all lift types, fixed-grip or detachable, and is designed to work with existing video cameras or those installed by us. It can be configured to save video or not—depending on the desires of the ski area. Our technology identifies developing potentially dangerous situations, such as guests not aligned properly for loading, a hanger, a fall in the unload area, etc. PyxisAi can then be customized to alert the lift attendant  (e.g., with an audible alarm) or slow or stop the lift automatically for individual resort-defined situations. Our cameras monitor lifts from various angles and can even look “up the line” to ensure that potentially dangerous situations do not develop after the chair leaves the immediate loading area. 


The PyxisAi model is trained with thousands of categorized loading and unloading video samples from different lift types and in a variety of weather conditions. We continually analyze new video data and feed it back to the model to make it more robust and able to identify an ever-broadening set of scenarios, trends, and technologies.


AI Explained

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the implementation of a set of complex algorithms that process vast amounts of data with the goal of simulating human intelligence with software. AI integrates computer systems and software programming to enable dramatic improvements and boundless innovation in a wide variety of business and mechanical applications. This allows the system to improve task performances at a far more advanced rate than traditional human intelligence. 


AI also facilitates its software to perform previously impossible human-like activities, such as monitoring and detection. This is especially true for tasks that involve highly accurate visual perception, tactical decision-making and reaction times—all of which run up against the limits of human performance. In effect, it’s a deep learning model that builds upon its internal knowledge—and quite rapidly. 

Computer vision and AI technologies are widely adopted in other industries to improve the consumer experience and safety. Well known examples can be found in the auto industry and include lane departure warning, blind-spot alerts, and self-driving cars.

Using patented technology, we are the first company to use AI and computer vision to to allow ski areas to enhance the safety and consumer experience during ski lift operations. 

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