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PyxisAi is a ski lift surveillance system that uses live video and Artificial Intelligence to advance lift operations by monitoring passenger loading and unloading of ski lifts to anticipate potential problems and alert staff before they occur.

Why PyxisAi?

A ski resort always faces the risks posed by its least-effective lift attendant. Lift attendants are human, and like all of us, they have varying levels of visual acuity, reaction times, alertness, and overall situational awareness.  We are a technology company focused on solving the problems posed by inattentive guests and lift staff during lift loading and unloading. 

PyxisAi can perceive and alert ski area staff to a potential risk at least six times faster than the most alert human. The overall result is significantly enhanced lift operations and an “always-on” extra set of eyes in identifying critical lift situations.

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PysixAi: How it work

How It Works

PyxisAi works like an extra, hyper-vigilant lift attendant that watches guests load and unload ski lifts and alerts ski resort staff when a guest is at risk of failing to load or unload a ski lift properly. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision, this patented technology is designed to dramatically improve ski lift staffs’ reaction times to allow the ski area operator to improve lift operations and guest safety.



PyxisAi was formed to bring cutting-edge, computer vision and AI technology to improve ski lift operations. PyxisAi—pronounced "pix•ess" was named after a constellation in the southern sky that represents a mariner’s compass guiding navigators and sailors. Scott Queen, the founder and CEO of PyxisAi thought of this product idea after witnessing a little girl on the lift ahead of him fail to unload. The lift attendant in the hut was reading and did not notice until Scott yelled and got his attention. By then, the girl had jumped off the chair. Scott was convinced that AI could have watched over the skier and prevented this potentially dangerous situation.  Shortly thereafter, our product idea was born.


PyxisAi announces first commercial installation at Winter Park Resort (Colorado)

- December 2021

CEO and Co-founder, Scott Queen, was recently a guest on Quantum Fiber's podcast, Leap, Stories that Inspire

- October 2021

PyxisAi Announces a Successful Beta of Patented Technology

- March 2020

Will AI Transform Chairlift Safety?

- NSAA Journal

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Our Team

The team behind PyxisAi has an impressive foundation in terms of both ski industry experience and computer AI systems.

PysixAi: Team

Contact Us

PysixAi: Contact Us

Scott Queen

Founder & CEO

Scott Queen, the inventor of this product, is a lifelong skier. A Colorado native, Scott was a ski racer in college at Fort Lewis State in Colorado and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Colorado State University.

For the last twenty years, Scott has worked in technology and software development. He is a strategic and enterprise-focused technologist, serving in roles such as Enterprise Architect and Cloud Engineer, conceptualizing and leading the creation of scalable and performant architectures and software. Leading up to the creation of PyxisAI, he worked in Data Science focused on Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision and Big Data and Analytics.

Scott thrives on pioneering and research in the Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision space, having developed various artificial intelligence systems for uses such as home surveillance and agriculture-pest identification. He’s grown increasingly intrigued and motivated by the radical advances in AI capabilities.

Sam Shapiro

General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Sam Shapiro brings over 20 years of experience as an attorney, trusted business advisor, strategic thought leader and problem solver. Sam is a lifelong skier, who made his first turns in the Northeast and continues to ski with his wife and 2 children in Colorado. 

Sam started his career in the ski industry as an in-house attorney, giving him a broad comprehension of guest safety, injury lawsuits and the importance of pre-loss risk management. Sam’s recognition as a risk management expert in the ski industry is bolstered by his involvement in industry groups such as the Association of Ski Defense Attorneys (ASDA) and the National Ski Area Association (NSAA), where he has spoken as a subject matter expert on panels at various conferences.


Rachel Lee

Chief Product Officer

Rachel Lee brings over 20 years of experience as a product leader who excels at taking technology products from concept to launch in Fortune 50 to startup businesses. She has a track record of listening and uncovering customer and business needs to develop disruptive, yet simple to use products. She was one of the key product leads on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 interactive program guide and won a Primetime Emmy® for her contributions to the X1 platform. While at Comcast, she also led the team that built the X1 On Demand User Interface, seamlessly integrated Netflix and other streaming networks into the X1 guide, and delivered an immersive Olympics experience. Most recently, she is a product lead on the New Markets innovation team at Otter Products and is focused on building strategies to extend the OtterBox brand beyond mobile accessories. In this role, she originated and launched the Liviri brand portfolio of sustainable, high-performance insulated boxes to disrupt and redefine the wine and grocery e-delivery space. She is an avid skier and has an MBA in Marketing.

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